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Honey-B Club

Owl's Advice
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Do you need advice? If so, you have come to the right page.

What is your problem?
Is it okay if its on the site

From Alisha Deshmukh ,CA
 Dear Owl,
I love eating candy but my dentist keeps telling me to stop otherwise my teeth will fall out!But I
can't stop!What should I do?
 Dear Alisha,
It is okay to have some candy, but do not get addicted. Have one piece a day.

Here is a letter from Katherine Brown from MO
Dear Owl,
I am very very short, and people keep on calling me Shorty! It really bugs me. What should I do?
                                   Katherine Brown
Dear Katherine,
Do you react to their name calling. If so, stop. They'll get bored and eventually stop. But if you are ignoring them. Try avoiding them as much as possible.
All charecters and events are fictional, anything simmilar to ones real life is pure coincidential.

Hello, my name is Owl. I live in a tree in the hundred acre woods. I am known for my Advice. Did you know that? I hope to get a movie for my self. But sometimes nobody listens to me then I feel sad. But Christopher Robbin likes me.