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Honey-B Club

Piglets Journal

I am not going to be writing in my journal for a very long time because I will know use my free time reading A house at Pooh Corner by AA Milne the author of POOH he makes me a little mean. But that is okay!
I miss my was so much fun!I wish I could have it all over again!The presents were the best part though!!!I got tons of stuff and Pooh gave me the bestest one of em all!Well g2g play with my new toys now!
I hearted my party yesterday.there was cake and fun and hippe and PRESENTS!! i even more hearted the presents which were awsome!!! Oh G2G~! Must be doing something else.
I can't wait today is my party!!!I'm so exited all my friends are going to come and we're gonna have a great time!!Care bears are my favorite!!!!!!!yippy!Oh dear someones coming now!g2g!
Today is one day is my birthday!! It'll be CARE BEARS!!!It'll be a awsome party! DID YOU KNOW THAT I MIS COUNTED?I definatly didn't Oh g2g~!

Today, I am getting ready for Pooh's surprise Birthday Party last year it was a surprise as well, and Pooh forgot it was his birthday. There is a book about it called A GRAND AND WONDERFUL DAY  by Mary Packard and Illustrated by Darrel Baker. It is a Little Golden book, and there are two more about us in ther series
  • Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree
  • Winnie the Pooh: Eyeore be Happy

I haven't read those two but if you have and want it to be on the internet. Send it to me by filling out the form. If you just want to tell me about it then write that! You will also win an award. I've seen 2 trivia forms sent in. JUST 2!!!!!!!!! I'll give you one more week, and I'll add this weeks, but that's it!!!!! G2G


Today I finished up a scarf for myself. It is very nice, and very warm. I like it alot. It is now only 4 more days until my birthday. I cant wait at all. It was very cold today, It even snowed. In the middle of spring. That is very surprising. At least to me. I thought that Spring was supposed to be sunny. Guess not. Oh! Look at the time. It's time to go to class. Bye!

Today it rained. Pooh and I splashed in the puddles. Only 5 More days until my birthday. I'm very excited. Pooh says that he'll try to remeber that it is my birthday. I don't really care if no one gets me a present. A true birthday is when your surrounded by people who care for you. I have to go to tea at Rabbits that day. I think he might have forgotten that it was my birthday. Or maybe there will be carrot cake, my favorite. Oh Dear! someone is at the door! I have to go check who it is. Bye.



Today, is the first day of spring. Pooh and I collected blossoms. Here is a poem that I wrote about them.
B lossoms
L ovely
O oh my gosh
S Sweet
S Surprising
O ne by one they fall to the ground
M arvelous
S miling
Did you like it? Its not my best work, but its just a little something I put together. Right now, Rabbit is over and we are stringing them to make garlands for everyone. This is how I did it.
  1.   Pick lots of flowers or Blossoms
  2.   Take a needle and attach it to thread
  3.   Poke the needle in the middle of the flower or blossom
  4.   Pull the string through
  5.   Repeat Steps 1-4 Until it fits your neck.
  6.   Tie a knot at the end
  7.   Put it around your neck

I made one for Pooh. But it's a surprise. Oh No! I think Pooh is at the door. Got To Go (G2G)

Today I watched Winnie the Pooh, Springtime with Roo on Disney Channel. I liked it alot. My favorite part was when they had the Easter PArty. With and Egg Hunt. Today, I am going to look for Eggs at my house.  Okay, got to decorate eggs with Tigger. Bye.
Piglet :)

Today, I saw the Piglet's BIG Movie! For the first time, I starred in my OWN movie. Its about what I do best, and I got lots a compliments. I lost my Journal in the movie, and then my friends helped me. If i were you, I would go to Blockbuster and get the movie!


Week of 20th

  • Where does Eyeore Live!
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  • Who is Lumpy?
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  • What is Pooh bear Scared Of?
  • Where does Kanga Live?


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